27febbraio2012 said: Here on tumblr you find lots and lots of Photography Blogs that actually are more kinda "I'm 15 and I feel cool using a canon". Then, there's your blog, that is something magical, like stunning, awesome. I'm absolutely in love with this blog! Sooo, you found a fan from Italy now! xx

Oh my gosh thank you! That was me when I was 15 tbh. But I definitely would not have made a blog for my stuff. I was even skeptical about making this one not too long ago, but I’m glad i did cause now I get the most encouraging messages from wonderful people like you!

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Twin Lakes, Mammoth

"I want to be naked. I don’t mean my body, I don’t need my body. I’m floating away.” - Some things cosmic by Angel OlsenPhoto re-edit

"I want to be naked. I don’t mean my body, I don’t need my body. I’m floating away.” - Some things cosmic by Angel Olsen

Photo re-edit

penelope-smith said: your pictures like paintings; i'm speechless, simply beautiful!

Oh my gosh thank you! That’s funny cause I was just thinking about doing some oil paintings based off my photos but I haven’t painted in a while and oil is not my friend..

idontneedyourauthority said: I just found this blog and fell in love. Where are you based out of? Would you ever consider traveling to take photos?

Oh my gosh wow thank you! I live in LA. I would absolutely love to travel and take photos! That’s the main goal.

igotmycupofjoe said: i don't usually get that much excited about photographing, but oh man, pictures you have taken are freakin' awesome. thanks for being such an inspiration.

This is so nice, I’ve never thought of myself as inspirational. Thank you so much! 

lumpi said: is photography only a hobby or are you a professional? because if not - apply on an art academy immediatly! youre pictures are really powerful and special. lots of love from berlin

Holy shit this is the nicest message I’ve ever received you are my hero. As of now it’s mainly a hobby but I would love to do it professionally one day. But seriously thank you so much! I’m always so iffy on this as a career especially cause my photography professor I had last semester didn’t really like my stuff. So this is extremely encouraging. 

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cleveraintw1se said: your photos are beautiful

Wow thank you so much! 

Twin Lakes, Mammoth