Washout - Issue 1

Hello friends! Melissa, Chris and I put together a little thing in this big scary world. It was all of our first attempts at doing anything like this (with wonderful contributions from Nick Dante and Dominic Savaglio) but we want YOU! to help us with the next issue. If you have any art, photos, music, poetry, love to contribute to Washout please feel free to come in contact us with us (x x)!!


Hey everyone check out my very talented friends Zine that they just put out! And check out their blogs too! and Also I’m featured in this and I’m very excited to be a part of it :)

(Source:, via french-canadiens)

LA Self-Portraits

Vivian Fu & Hobbes
Pehrspace gallery, 9/13/14

Jaylen and flowers pt. 2

wxlfcountry said: I'm not really all that into photography, but oh wow am I a sucked for your work. Your pictures make my heart ache. If anyone could live forever, let it be you, so you never have to stop taking photographs.

Oh my god I get the nicest messages from amazing people like you. Honestly there are so many better photographers out there who deserve these messages but the fact you’re sending this to me is so uplifting and makes my heart melt. Thank you so much you beautiful soul.

Ari’s room details

pureblackbird said: hey I just wanted to say that your photographs are absolutely stunning. you are definitely good enough to be a professional. keep at it, man, your talents are absolutely wonderful!

Wow thank you so much! I would not define myself anywhere near to a professional but It’s a goal I’d like to attain one day.

inmyimaginaryworld said: WOW some of your latest pictures are just breathtaking! I especially like those with all the dark neon colours, so much feelings. Keep doing what you do!

Oh my gosh thank you so much! I’m glad they give so much feelings, hopefully good ones. 

pickygoeshomehappy said: wow. just wow. i randomly stumbled across your blog and i'm absolutely thrilled by your work. i want to cover my walls in your photographs, they're just so powerful and display my current emotions perfectly. keep up your amazing work, i hope you're good. *goes ahead and reblogs eveything*

Oh my gosh you are so nice. If someone actually wanted to put my stuff on their walls I would be thrilled. Thank you so much you wonderful soul. haha *thanks*

baciam1 said: Just like everyone else, I absolutely adore your work! I guess you can never be told too many times, keep up the awesome work, please 😊

:) wow thank you!