halcyondaysss said: I'm a new follower and I adore your work! I'm curious to see your answer it's open to interpretation, but how do you relate to the world around you? And how would you capture your answer in a photo((:

Well thank you! Uhm hmmm that’s a hard question. I guess I really don’t. I’m constantly just living in my own head and trying to re-imagine things are better and more interesting than they actually are. I mean I guess that translates through my photos, I like to create unique and colorful scenes. Something that wouldn’t normally be seen in everyday life. 

Ari’s room

daffo-dilly said: idk why i didn't find your blog earlier. your photos tap into my emotions and thoughts in a very visceral way. for that, thank you for your talent.

Oh my god that is so nice and absolutely surreal to hear. I never thought my photos could even posses such qualities. No no thank you for your wonderful words!

woman-king said: I'm in love with your work i wanna reblog everything *_*

Thank you so much! haha go for it! 


27febbraio2012 said: Here on tumblr you find lots and lots of Photography Blogs that actually are more kinda "I'm 15 and I feel cool using a canon". Then, there's your blog, that is something magical, like stunning, awesome. I'm absolutely in love with this blog! Sooo, you found a fan from Italy now! xx

Oh my gosh thank you! That was me when I was 15 tbh. But I definitely would not have made a blog for my stuff. I was even skeptical about making this one not too long ago, but I’m glad i did cause now I get the most encouraging messages from wonderful people like you!

Lady with the red bag
Twin Lakes, Mammoth

"I want to be naked. I don’t mean my body, I don’t need my body. I’m floating away.” - Some things cosmic by Angel OlsenPhoto re-edit

"I want to be naked. I don’t mean my body, I don’t need my body. I’m floating away.” - Some things cosmic by Angel Olsen

Photo re-edit

penelope-smith said: your pictures like paintings; i'm speechless, simply beautiful!

Oh my gosh thank you! That’s funny cause I was just thinking about doing some oil paintings based off my photos but I haven’t painted in a while and oil is not my friend..